Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lots of Progress!!!

The last post about the house was when we got the roof completely on and decked. Since then we have gotten metal on the roof. It looks so good! We are very happy with it. We are extremely unhappy with the metal company though. I cannot stress how extremely unhappy we are with NEA Metal Supply of Paragould. DO NOT USE THEM!!!! It has been 3 months now since we ordered all of the materials for the roof and there are still parts that we do not have. We are still waiting on the ridge cap for the roof. We got excuse after excuse on why they didn't have our stuff. I ended up having to call and be very ugly to the man at the company before we got anything accomplished. This was a month and a half after we ordered the materials.

I have all of the interior walls stained and they look great! We also got our mantle which is really pretty. I got the whole front of the porch stained and it looks really good too!

The plumbers finished up today so we having pipes running every where now. The heat and air people are working on getting out to us too!!!