Friday, December 19, 2008

more progress

We finally finished framing the first floor of our house. Since then, we have made a lot of progress. Of course it has been a little chilly outside......

I'm sure I will get in trouble for that one.

After finishing the interior walls for the first floor we had to remove the tonges that are on the top of the logs so that we could set the floor for the second. (When I said we could set I mean we could have the framers that we hired set) We tried several methods to take them off but the best I found was to use a reciprocating saw. After a lot of up and down on the ladder and that is finally done.
Once we were finished we were ready for the framers. I am very impressed so far with our framers. They actually started Tuesday. They were knocking ice off of lumber so that they could use it. Those were miserable conditions and these three guys were working at a pace I could only dream of. They finished out the top plates on the 1st floor walls and then got right to setting the floor joists.

With all of the floor joists set they built a temporary stair case and then started laying the floor material.
It was pretty cool to stand in our loft and look over into the living room!

Top floor walls and roof coming soon!


Lori said...

How exciting! It's nice to feel like your are making progress!